America’s Favorite Comedy Show

Everything: all that exists

Jamboree: gala; a gay festivity

A variety show produced and curated by three sf comedy darlings, Everything Jamboree is all you could hope for. Every jamboree is Styrofoam packed with games, videos, music and colorful pranks. And each show features a unique lineup and brand new, never before seen performances and content.

Jesse Fernandez, Sr. Partner
Jesse is the 2010 winner of the National College Funny Film Competition and Jesse was the winner and second place finisher in the Microsoft “Share Your Stuff Video Contest” in 2009 (he entered two films in the competition). He was also co-producer of Things We Made, San Francisco’s popular Alt Comedy Show.
Miles K, Department Chair
Stand up comic and online humorist, Miles’ blog, is visited thousands of times daily. He has been featured on Rooftop Comedy as the Comedian of the Day and His work has been published on college humor,, and the now defunct Super Deluxe.
Jesse Elias, Lt. Colonel
Universally regarded as the next big thing in San Francisco Comedy, Jesse Elias is a holy fool and the winner of the 2010 Harvey’s Character Competition. He also maintains a website, Cave Text, devoted to design criticism and pop culture discourse.

Better than the real thing!


A Cartoon by Jesse Fernandez

Space and The Y-Axis

A look at the spacial curiosities of Star Trek.

The Men of Everything Jamboree

The Men of Everything Jamboree